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If you’re waiting for a movie to come in the theatre since few days but didn’t make it at the right point, that’s when you might be in search of a portal which displays the movies for you. These portals are responsible for providing you with the online streaming services since few days, and they display the recent movies, the latest episodes of the running TV series in the highest quality possible. The recent one such platform that has been launched is the 123movies; a one-stop portal that provides you movies both as a website and as an app.

download 123movies for android without root

The portal, on the whole, has an enormous collection of videos arranged in different categories and are sorted through different filters like genre, title, IMDB rating, date of release, etc. You can get all the videos which are your all-time favorites to the most recent ones that you couldn’t make to the theaters. All these movies are entirely free to watch, and all you have to do is just create an account to get the full access to the database. They don’t charge you a penny for watching the movies which are at a click of the mouse.

How To Use 123movies App?

You can either stream the movies here or download them according to your available bandwidth and consistency of the internet connection. Each movie in the database comes with a summary containing the synopsis of the movie, allowing you to choose whether you want to watch the movie or not. The IMDB rating also represents the popularity of the movie among the audience. 123movies app for PC can also be used by the those who don’t have a smartphone.

The language of the film, the duration of the video and the cast in the video are also shown to provide adequate information before you decide on watching the film. One thing to notice about 123movies is that it is not a single source database and is a third party source which collects the videos from different hosts on the web and displays the results in a place. Therefore, you can select the link to a video of the best quality from multiple sources and over the time, you will also have a knack of knowing which source is the best. 123movies app download for android is available and we have a dedicated guide for the same.

The different genres that are available on the 123movies include adventure, action, comedy, romance, horror, family drama, crime based, thriller, documentary, fiction, experiential and what not. You can also check the top IMDB lists and get the movies on a single platform and run a Marathon even. The portal also recommends you movies based on those you have watched and based on the popularity making it easy for you to choose from. 123movies free app for android and iOS is now available to download. If you’re still figuring out how to download from 123movies, then check out our guide for that.

123movies App for iOS 9/10

The 123movies is as of now available as an Android app with the name and therefore, to avail it on the iOS devices; you can open the Safari browser on your iDevice and access the web portal 123movies. The web portal provides you with a wide range of movies, TV shows grouped according to the genre. It contains a search bar on the top that allows you to find the movies with specific titles by entering the title in the bar. The 123movies site goes by the copyright law with relevant authority in accordance with an infringement alert and any violation of this act will be acted upon soon by removing the link that has been displayed within minutes. So; the site is exclusively safe to use as well. 123movies iOS app can be easily downloaded and installed.

How To Download 123Movies App on your iOS Device:

The alternative app for 123movies is the 123 Go Cinema, developed by the same developers for the iDevices. It has the similar functionality but a little less database listing out relatively fewer videos when compared with the Android app. Nonetheless, it is equally desirable.

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iDevice and enter the URL of this page and wait for the page to load.
  2. As soon as the page is loaded, click on the below link to download the 123 Go Cinema app file.
  3. This will prompt you to a page where you will be asked for multiple confirmations. Click to confirm again and again till you get the install option. Click on the ‘Install’ option to install the app.
  4. Once the app is installed, go the System Settings> General> Profiles & Device Management. From the menu, select the name of Enterpriser and click on trust to run the app.
  5. Run the app soon after. The app is also available on the iTunes & App store; but is a paid version. If you think you can afford the app, you can directly pay the price and download it from there.

The website is attractive and as the site is continuously growing; you will find more and more videos every day that enhances the customer experience and as well as the functionality of the app. Get access to the portal effective immediately and get the most out of it.

Updated: October 7, 2017 — 7:46 am

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