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Download Pokecrot App | Catch Rare Pokemon with PC/Laptop

If you are addicted to Pokemon Go Game and seriously searching for a hack. Then PokeCrot is the best option. It is a bot software to hack Pokemon Go game. It has an amazing feature of live map spoofing that makes it the most used.

PC is always powerful than the smartphone. It desires to give you the undisputed functioning and an enhanced performance. For the Windows PC user or those who using Pokemon Go for PC version, this would be an awesome hack for a better excitement with this Augmented reality game. For a pc/laptop, we get a bigger screen as compared to a smartphone so it will be easy to go through maps and gets small to small location details in a better way. You can also check out Game Hacker APK for Pokemon hacks as well as other gaming hacks.

PokeCrot is the best app if you are hunting for a hack. Let’s get a deeper knowledge of this software.

pokecrot app

Pokecrot v5.0 NEW Features

  • Work New API
  • Fix Pokémon list forbidden error
  • Multi-account Bot
  • Auto Farms pokestops
  • Auto Catches Pokémon’s
  • Auto Evolves Pokémon’s
  • auto Recycle Items
  • Human walk Logic
  • Anti-Soft ban
  • Keep Pokémon which can be evolved
  • GUI is amazing
  • Rename Pokémon,
  • Setting Catch Ball,
  • Throw Chance Setting, More Translate


As said earlier PokeCrot is also known as Poke Bot. Want to play the game with a hack. Spoofing one’s location is not a new thing. There have been various application hacks that are best suited to hack one’s location. This is an auto-bot app for Pokémon Go game, which means to help you spoofing Pokémon location.

This hack for Pokémon Go means you can hunt and battle in Canada, Park Street, for example, from anywhere in the world. Or, in the night time with the usual method, it is harder to play this game right? This article also related to the same, but this time it is for the PC user.

Want to trick from anywhere to somewhere else. PokeCrot works the best with the PC and helps in spoofing and brings out the best result. One can easily get into the PokeStation, PokeGym without some real work. All this means you don’t have to walk around for a Pokémon, Poke Gym or Poke Station. One can be anywhere and get to any of these locations by setting their destination from their PC.


Download the software version 5.0 from this effective link.




The downloaded file is in form of a zip so you need o first extract it on your PC using WinRAR or WinZip


And your Poke-Crot.exe file will be right there in the extracted place. Double click on the Poke_Crot.exe file and follow the all installation wizard thoroughly. App icon of this app will appear on your desktop screen.


  • Launch PokeBot app clicking on the icon.
  • You need to enter default Latitude and default Longitude.
  • Select Save to save the coordinates.
  • Choose your device in the Device
  • Select Start Bot and you are ready to go.


Get ready to find and catch wild Pokémon out there using your PC and get the most distinct location. Explore the cities and towns around you and even the world to catch as many Pokémon as you can. Once you hit a Pokémon you hit the joy of playing the game. Always aim well otherwise it will run away! Also look for PokéStops and use spoofing intelligently. and items.

If there is anything that is troubling you or you want to make clear about the post shoot down in the comment section. And, if you find this list useful, share it with your friends & fellow Pokémon Go users to help them access the best hack without any trouble. If you want to add more do comment. Thank You for reading the article. Have a great day.

Updated: May 16, 2018 — 5:38 am

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