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How To Download Videos From 123movies?

How to download movies from 123movies on iPhone/iPad/Android? As we all have been victims of not being able to catch our favorite shows at the right time, the era of online video streaming channels has begun allowing us to watch our favorite videos, whenever and wherever we want to. Just with a consistent internet connection, we can now stream/download the videos from a portal and watch the videos and experience the recreation at an enhanced level. 123movies is one such recently developed portal which has an enormous collection. In case if you accessed the website or downloaded the app, here is how you can download the movies either from the web portal or the app. 123movies app for iOS is also available.

How To Download Videos From 123movies?

Download Videos from 123movies using 123movies Downloader:

    1. Initially, visit the official website of 123movies and then search for the video that you want to download. This video can be a movie’s or an episode of the TV show that you’re following.
    2. Select the video and then click on it to open it. If the video is not playing on the computer, try opening it in any other browser as often we see that few browsers fail to play the videos because of the inadequate java player support.
    3. You will need an email to create an account in order to download. You can use www.hotmail.com login for the prupose.

  1. Copy the URL of the movie that is playing from the address bar. Now, open the link that has been mentioned below to get the 123movies Downloader. The home page of the 123movies Downloader will have a bar where you can paste the URL of the video that has been playing.
  2. Paste it and click the button saying, “Get Video” to download the video directly from the URL. Once you have clicked, you will be asked to bookmark the site as a mandatory. Bookmark it and open the URL all over again by clicking on the bookmarked site in case if you have been directed to any software.
  3. Wait for the movie to be downloaded. Based on the file size of the video, you will have to wait between minutes to hours.

Downloading Videos from 123movies App:

Users often ask this question, can you download movies from 123movies app? The other way of downloading videos directly is by downloading the app. After downloading, all you have to do is search for the video that you want to download and click on it to get two options, “Play” or “Download”. Select “Download” and then select the resolution based on the available bandwidth to download the video and play it with third party player on your phone. 123movies app for android can be downloaded easily as well. Using the method we have describe you can easily download movies from 123movies without any hassle.

However, the benefits of using the 123movies downloader are that you can save the videos directly to your computer and watch them on bigger screens even when you don’t have an active internet connection. Also after downloading the video, you can transfer it from this device to another. The 123movies subtitles can also be downloaded and they work offline along with the movie and in case if they are not working, you can download them from other sites and start playing them along with the videos. So far, there is no official warning or alert from the government saying that one shouldn’t be watching/download movies from 123movies. Therefore, by using the 123movies downloader, you can download the videos in the best format and sometimes literally thousands of them and can get the best relaxation irrespective of the place and the situation you’re in.

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